Monday, May 2, 2011

Not All Brushes are Created the Same

With so many hair brushes on the market, it’s good to know what each brush does so that you can achieve your desired look.

Paddle Brush 
Flat, wide brush
Best for medium to long hair
Works well on fine hair
Creates straight, smooth look
Great for detangling dry hair

Cushion Brush 
Similar to paddle brush, but more oval in shape
Great everyday brush for short, medium and long hair
Cushion is great for distributing oils throughout your hair
Most popular cushion brush is the Mason Pearson

Vent Brush 
Works best on short to medium hair
Vents allow air to flow through and create root lift
Can also flip out the ends on naturally wavy hair

Round Brush
Works well on all hair lengths and textures
Come in a variety of barrel sizes and bristle types
Creates lots of body and fullness

Teasing Comb 
Perfect for back combing or “teasing”
Creates lift at the roots
A must for any up-do

In this video, I explain how different hair brushes can be used for specific styling techniques.

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