Saturday, August 1, 2015

2 Days Left to Shop the Nordstrom Sale

If you haven't picked anything up from the Nordstrom sale, you have two days left - I repeat two days left! The main reason I love this sale is because it's one of the few sales I know of where you get the opportunity to preview and purchase Fall merchandise on sale. Normal sales occur at the end of the season and while you may get a "great deal", the choices are limited.

Here are a few of my favorite picks:

Fall Boots




  1. Hi Kim,
    I just found your videos on you tube while searching for beauty ideas for women over 40. I appreciated finding "real" tutorials about makeup and hair that I can apply to my everyday life. Thanks for taking the time to create them!

  2. Hi Bonnie, thanks so much for the comment. I'm glad you found me and love that you are over 40, too!